Leave of Absence

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Wendy’s has a variety of leave programs to meet your personal and family needs. For more information on Family Medical Leave, Sick Leave, Disability Benefits and more, visit WeConnect or talk to your Human Resources Business Partner.

Wendy’s provides Paid Sick Leave, Bonding Leave and Adoption Assistance to Crew members and part-time employees at no cost to the employee.

Paid Sick Leave

Hourly, part-time employees earn paid sick leave in all company-owned Wendy’s restaurants. While nobody plans to be sick, rest assured that Wendy’s will have your back if you need to miss time due to illness for yourself or a loved one. Visit WeConnect or view our Paid Time Off Policy for more information on Wendy’s paid sick leave.

  • Eligibility: All restaurant employees.
  • Pay: Sick time will be paid out based on your base salary or hourly rate as of the date of your leave.

Bonding Leave

Starting or expanding your family? Wendy’s provides Bonding Leave for you to spend time with your new arrival. Visit WeConnect for more information on the leave options available to you.

  • Eligibility: You’re eligible to take Bonding Leave if you have one continuous year of service and have worked 1,250 hours in the 12 months preceding the date of your leave.
  • Pay: You will receive six weeks of paid bonding leave, paying up to 20 hours per week, based on your base salary or hourly rate as of the first day of your leave. This time may be used in one-week increments during the first 12 months following the birth or adoption. This allows you to take paid time off in the way that is best for you and your family.

Need to File a Leave of Absence? Unum is our leave of absence administrator. When you need to make a claim, contact Unum at 888.246.7060 or unum.com. You can also use the free Unum mobile app for your smartphone or tablet to file a new claim, view your claims and more. Search for Unum Customer in your device’s app store to download and get started today.

Adoption Assistance

Our founder, Dave Thomas, was a steadfast activist for adoption. He believed every child should have a safe, permanent, loving home and family. Wendy’s best-in-class Adoption Assistance Program supports Dave’s mission and is central to Wendy’s values.

  • Eligibility: One year of continuous service and have worked 1,250 hours in the 12 months preceding the date of adoption.
  • Financial Assistance: Wendy’s supports employees adopting children by providing financial assistance of up to $30,000 per adopted child.
  • Leave Assistance: Employees who qualify for Adoption Leave will receive four (4) weeks of paid Adoption Leave at 70% of their base weekly salary (overtime, bonus and other special compensation are not included). Employees who wish to take advantage of the Adoption Leave benefit must do so within six (6) months from when the child is placed with the employee for adoption.

For more information, contact your Human Resources Business Partner or visit WeConnect.